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“He’s an amiable host, and soon the reader realizes we’re following the stream of consciousness of an ecologist driven by extraordinary zeal.” -- Alexandra Horowitz, The Atlantic

“Though I think of myself as observant, the book opened my eyes to much I hadn’t noticed before.”
-- Frank O Smith,
Portland Press Herald

"Even the most knowledgeable nature enthusiasts will find something to love about this recommendation from Porter Square Books." -- Zipporah Osei,


The New York Times. To See the Past and Predict the Future, Try ‘Reading’ a Landscape.  Margaret Roach. May 22, 2024.

The Atlantic. The Trees Don’t Care About Us. Two new books scrutinize the natural world, and not for what it might offer us.  Alexandra Horowitz.  May 30, 2023. 

Portland Press Herald.  A new book explains how to read the natural landscape.  Frank O Smith. November 12, 2023

Maine Public Radio.  Ecologist and author discusses how to interpret and observe the natural world. Maine Calling with host Jennifer Rooks.  June 26, 2023.

Robin Hood Radio.  Noah Charney on Reading Your Land. A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach.  June 19, 2023.

Yale Climate Connections. A grove of tree books for Arbor Day.  These 12 books capture the wonder, tell the history, and predict the climate-changed future of the trees with which we share the planet.  Michael Svoboda.  April 28, 2023.

The Hampshire Gazette. Book Bag: ‘Lost Places’ by Sarah Pinsker; ‘These Trees Tell a Story’ by Noah Charney.  Steve Pfarrer.  May 18, 2023. 

Castine Patriot.  On the value of trees: Experts share perspectives on forest protection and rehabilitation.  Michael Dickerson.  December 1, 2023. 6 books you should read this June, according to local booksellers. Zipporah Osei.  June 6, 2023.

Yale University Press Podcast.  The Art of Reading Landscapes with Noah Charney.   Ep. 111.  May 23, 2023. 

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